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One of the First Steps You Can Take to Design Your Ideal Life

So, what do you need or want?

I’ve found that many people don’t create more of what they want in life because they don’t know what they want in the first place!

And, having a clear vision of what you want your life to look like is one of the most important steps to “remodel your life.”

The men and women I refer to as “Time and Money Masters” or “TMM’s” knew exactly what they wanted and what they didn’t want in their life.

For example, they wanted:

  • Freedom from debt
  • Financial stability
  • Time freedom
  • Mobility
  • Excitement
  • A life with purpose and direction

They didn’t want:

  • To worry about or argue over money issues
  • To spend so much time away from their families
  • Boredom
  • To waste their lives away
  • Settle for the status quo

That’s secret number 1 of the TMM’s:

[box type=”tick”]They visualized and defined what they wanted their life to look like and then made a decision to work towards that vision![/box]

They visualized and defined what they wanted their life to look like and then made a decision to work towards that vision!

By the way, what are the steps we usually take to go on vacation?

Usually, we…

  1. Decide on a destination
  2. Consider the cost
  3. Make the necessary arrangements
  4. Put together all we need in order to go
  5. Travel to the destination
  6. Enjoy ourselves

In the same way, you can decide what the rest of your life could look like:

  1. Decide where and how you want to live
  2. Consider the cost
  3. Make a plan
  4. Gather what you need
  5. Take action
  6. Enjoy your rewards

So, one of the first things we must do as we start any journey is to first understand:

  1. Where we stand at the beginning of the journey (the proverbial “point ‘A’”).
  2. Where we want to go (point “B”).

This next exercise will help you determine both.

[box type=”note”]Don’t let anything stop you or distract you from doing it. This is serious stuff. Whether you do it or not, it could be the difference between seeing your goals and dreams come alive, or keeping them buried in the cemetery of billions of dreams and goals that never saw the light of day.[/box]

Start with a regular sheet of paper and draw a line through the middle of it. Then draw an oval on the left side of the page.

Write about things like:

  • If your current home does not meet your family’s needs, describe the home that would, in detail.
  • What you would do with your family and friends during your free time.
  • What you would invest in if you had more money.
  • How you would feel if you had zero debts.
  • If you’re married and both you and your spouse are working to pay the bills, write about how you’d feel if only one of you had to work. Or even better, how it would be if the spouse that’s working could do it almost entirely from the home.
  • If you have children that you currently have in day care or have someone watch them for you at home while you work, what it would feel like to be able to raise them yourself and not have someone else raise them for you.
  • What it would be like to have a secure retirement set up and know that you don’t need to depend on social security, the government, family members or relatives to take care of you when the time comes.
  • Whom you would help and how you would serve people in need.
  • How you would discover or fulfill your purpose in life.
  • Which places of the world you’d like to see.
  • What new skills you’d like to learn (remember, when you become a TMM, you will have more time to learn new things in and enough money to pay for the training). So, would you like to learn a new language? Would you like to learn how to play a musical instrument? Do you want to train to become a better athlete in a specific sport?
  • What crafts or hobbies would you pursue?

Here’s more or less what that would look like:

Again, this exercise is very important! Don’t skip it. It’s very easy to do, but it’s also very easy not to do. Don’t sell yourself short.

Next, figure out more or less how much money it would take to finance your or your family’s needs on a monthly basis.

In your calculations, you may want to include some of these items:

  • Giving, tithing, charity
  • Housing expenses
  • Utilities
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Savings
  • Education
  • Emergencies
  • Taxes
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment, hobbies, travel, a.k.a. “fun stuff”

Now establish how much free time (outside of work) it would take to do all the activities you would like to do on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

Such activities may include:

  • Time with family and friends
  • Time in spiritual and personal growth and development
  • Time serving and helping others
  • Time traveling
  • Time pursuing hobbies, and other passions

Let’s say that it would take about $8,000 per month to design your “Ultimate Lifestyle Scenario” or “ULS” (of course, for you, it may be less or it may be more. I’m only using $8,000 as an example).

And let’s say that you’d like to work 20 to 30 hours a week, or 4 to 6 hours a day, five days a week to have the free time to do the things that you would like to do (again, for you it could be more or less).

One last category is the Mobility Factor that we talked about.

Think about how much freedom you would like to have when it comes to where you can actually work from.

Are you fine with your commute, right now? Or would you like it to be shorter? Or how about, non-existent?

What if you could work from your home, your favorite coffee shop or even while you’re away visiting other places?

Through the use of technologies like Wi-Fi and satellite Internet access, that is what many TMM’s choose to do. How about you?

Once you have determined your ULS income, time freedom and mobility, in the right quadrant, draw five dotted ovals as follows:

You then need to determine where you currently stand, right now, in relation to where you want to be. That’s what the dotted ovals are for, to serve as a visual representation of your current reality.

If your monthly income, savings, investments, assets, and your free time already support your needs, then you are at oval number 1, which equals or exceeds your ULS as you defined it in the oval on the left side of the page.

Oval number 5 represents the current reality of someone who is relatively the farthest away from what their life would look like if they had the necessary resources of money and time.

So, for example, Bob Casey’s ULS target numbers could look like this:

After he figures out where and how he wants to live, he determines the following: ULS Monthly Income:

2. $8,0002. ULS Weekly Work Hours: 20 – 30

3. ULS Mobility Marker: 80%

Since he’s currently earning $4,500 per month (before taxes), working an average of 45 hours a week, commuting for about 45 minutes each way for a total of 1.5 hours each day, and then when he adds the time he takes to get ready to go to work, and the time he takes to eat lunch every day, he realizes that he spends about 12 hours each day from the time he gets ready to go to work and maybe have some breakfast to the time he comes back home.

Assuming he gets to sleep at least 7 hours each night, that leaves him with about 5 hours each day to do whatever he needs to do around the house, spend some time with his family and find some time to unwind.

When he also factors in the fact that he doesn’t even remember when he took the family on a nice vacation that, by the way, took a lot of insisting to his boss and a few approval signatures to finally be able to take it, he realizes that his Mobility Marker is currently at 0%.

So, on a scale from 1-10, this is what his “report card” would look like:

Bob Casey’s Current Reality:


Time Freedom


If Bob truly wants to move all the “X’s” to the number 10, he needs to come up with a plan to do something different and then have the courage to set it in motion until he does it because what he’s currently doing is not working as well as he thought it would, obviously.

The whole point of the exercise is for us to wake up and stop going through life like driftwood just going wherever the wind and the tides take us. Instead, we should live life like an arrow shot by an expert marksman skillfully aimed it right to the center of the target.

If you’re not currently where you want to be, I have some great news for you.

If you, like Bob, find that you’re not currently where you’d like to be as far as your ULS is concerned, the great news is that it is now easier than ever in the history of humanity to get you closer to your ULS.

Why is it now easier than ever for you to earn more money while enjoying more free time and mobility at the same time?

It’s simple, now you have more turn-key systems, tools and technology available and accessible to you to make money faster and automatically than ever before.

All you need to know is how to access them and how to use them to your advantage.

“If it ain’t broke…”

It is important for me to restate that, if you have carefully chosen and worked towards your current situation with your job or business and if you are completely satisfied with your results, I congratulate you. I am truly glad that it is not a drag for you to go to work each day. You are in the minority.

When released its 4th. Annual survey of employee job satisfaction and this is what they found:

“Most people report they are ‘somewhat’ satisfied in their job – roughly 65 percent – but very few say they were “extremely” satisfied (less than 15 percent).

“Employers are a bit out of touch…

“Employers think nearly 30 percent of people are “extremely” satisfied. That number is double the amount employees reported.”

Again, this content is mainly for those of us who want to make a change in the way we work and the way we live. Even if a little voice inside your head is telling you that it is not possible to design your life the way you’d really like it to be.

As a matter of fact, this very post you’re reading right now is an excerpt of the eBook I wrote that comes with the course so that you can get a peek at what you’ll find inside it.

I honestly haven’t decided if I’ll start charging for it in the future because it took me many, many hours to put it together, but… at least for now, it won’t cost you a penny.

Check it out and let me know what you think of it.

To your time and money mastery,


Hello, I’m a husband, father (3 boys), and a home-based business trainer with a passion for life. I enjoy connecting with other Online, Information, Affiliate, and Network Marketers; and helping those who want to get started using their interests and talents to start and grow their own part-time or full-time home-based business. Don’t be shy and make sure to connect with me.
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